Western Pacific (WESTPAC) Cruise 

USS Anthony P. Damato  DD-871

July 1967 - January 1968

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USS Damato -  Drawing from Damato Vietnam Cruise book


My Mediterranean cruise on board the USS W. A. Lee was nearing completion and I was ready for another challenge.  I volunteered for a transfer to a ship going to the West Pacific (WESTPAC - and at that time that meant the Tonkin Gulf).   I was assigned to the USS Anthony P. Damato DD-871 in Norfolk Virginia, and on 5 July, 1967 we got underway for WESTPAC.

This Damato material is a work in progress.  Visit again later to see the stuff that is not yet ready.

Chapter 1 - Panama Canal Transit

Chapter 2 - Acapulco - West Coast - Hawaii

Chapter 3 - Operation Sea Dragon

Chapter 4 - Olongapo, Philippines

Chapter 5 - Guns of Dong Hoi

Chapter 6 - Sightseeing in Hong Kong

Chapter 7 - Shipboard Life - Shipmates

Chapter 8 - Aircraft Carrier

Chapter 9 - Yokosuka Japan

Chapter 10 - Sightseeing in Japan

Chapter 11 - Midway Island - Gooney Birds

Chapter 12 - Home Again

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