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We arrived in Vienna by bus from Wroclaw, Poland about 5AM on Wednesday.  We settled Rita into the train station with our bags, and I set out to check the area near the train station for a reasonable hotel.  No luck.  I has the name and address of a B&B I had found on the internet before we left home, but I didn't have a phone number.  So around 7:30AM I set out by subway to locate the B&B and to see if they had a room.  They did. We moved in, Rita took a nap, and I set out to explore the nearby area.

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Rita at Belvedere.

Thursday, we spent most of the day at Belvedere Palace, checking out the art, and enjoying a picnic on the grounds.  Then we went downtown and walked around a little, including a visit to Saint Stephen's Cathedral.

Friday morning we were on our way by train toward Geneva, Switzerland.

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