Staszek & Ania's Garden

GardenStaszekRitaAnia-.jpg (26757 bytes)

Staszek, Rita, and Ania in Staszek & Ania's garden.

The garden is located a half-mile or so from Ania & Staszek's home in a plot with many other gardens.  I understand it is common for city dwellers to have a garden plot on open land in or near the city.  Most of these plots also have a small building.  In some cases it is just a tool shed, but in others it is a small vacation home.  When I visited 10 years ago, Roman also had a garden plot, but now he has a small garden in his back yard.  Edward does his gardening at his vacation place in Pusczca.

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Staszek working in his garden. (1992)

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