Signs of Europe

Click on any picture to see a larger version.  Use your browser's back button to return to this page.  If you can read any of theses signs for which I have not provided translations, please email your translation to me, so that I can add it to this page.  Thanks.

Asparagus-.jpg (9325 bytes) This ad caught my attention in Vienna.  I don't know what they are selling.
Bellezza-.jpg (8044 bytes) I found this one in Prato. I think this is selling some kind of beauty cure. 
Superal-.jpg (10519 bytes) Also from Prato, this is a clothing ad I think, not a fruit ad.
BigBra-.jpg (8534 bytes) On the window of a shop in Scuol, this is a see-through ad, like those you see wrapped around buses and covering the windows.
LegaNord-.jpg (12244 bytes) This one is from one of the Cinque Terre villages.  I think it deals with immigration, but I'm not sure which side of the issue it advocates.
DeathToIsrael-.jpg (8873 bytes) From a wall in Venice: Death to Israel - Free Palestine.
ArtArtistInstrument-.jpg (12002 bytes) From an art exhibit in Genoa it shows:

Art: Destroyed buildings in Palestine.

Artists: US and Israeli leaders.

Instruments: Tanks, guns, and troops.

SquirrelWorkout-.jpg (11476 bytes) These two squirrels are working out in this City Fitness ad from Vienna
Allen-.jpg (7105 bytes) This one is here only because it had my name in it.  I assume it is telling you that your cellphone will or with not work in the parking garage.
Prati-.jpg (7888 bytes) This symbol of the Prati district of Rome was on all the trashcans near the Vatican.
GuteFahrt-.jpg (7730 bytes) And speaking of Pratt, the word 'Fahrt' seems to show up often in German.   Here is good fart in Vienna ...
Extrafahrt-.jpg (6922 bytes) And extra fart on a trolley car in Zurich.
Knothole1-.jpg (8009 bytes) I'm not sure what this campaign was all about, but there were people peering through knotholes on billboards all over Vienna.
Knothole2-.jpg (8828 bytes) Another knothole peeker.
FullBull-.jpg (8750 bytes) Sign outside a bar (I assume) in Vienna
Alkohole-.jpg (8434 bytes) You must be 18 to drink alcohol in Warsaw.
Futbolmania-.jpg (9935 bytes) MacDonald's all over Poland carried this ad. The prices are in Zloty and there are about 4 Zloty to the dollar.
HotDogi-.jpg (7484 bytes) From a Hot Dogi, Hamburgery, and Pizza shop in Kazimierz, Poland.

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