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Rita & Ania with a backdrop of Slovakian mountains.

Officially the Slovak Republic, Slovakia is located south of Poland, on the other side of the Tatry Mountains.  Staszek drove Ania, Rita, & I on a sightseeing day trip into Slovakia.   We drove west along the southern edge of the Tatry Mountains and enjoyed the scenery.  We passed through a succession of small villages that dotted a lush green landscape, stopping at a grocery store in Tatrzanska Lomnica to take advantage of Slovakia's low food prices.

We stopped at Strebskie Pleso near a lake, and walked a short way into the mountains, then turned around and headed back to Poland, stopping in Poprad to enjoy a Slovakian lunch.


SlovakiaLakeSign-.jpg (12168 bytes)

Lake & mountain scene near Strebskie Pleso.

(Staszek: What does this sign say?)


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A Slovakian village.

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