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We arrived at the Zurich airport in the evening of Wednesday, 8 May 2002.   Rosmarie Whiston met us at the airport and drove us to her home at Berghaldenstrasse in Zurich.  We had arranged to spend our first 2 nights in her guest room and were thankful that we did not have to find our way to her home on our own.   After 13 hours in the air we were not up to the challenge.  We settled in and enjoyed a chat with Rosmarie.

Thursday we took the bus and trolley to downtown Zurich, and bought our train tickets to Genoa, Italy, then took a boat ride on Lake Zurich, walked around town a little, then returned to Berghaldenstrasse where I took a walk and Rita took a nap. 

We found Zurich to be a clean, modern city with excellent public transit. There are four offical languages in Switzerland (German, French, Italian, and Romanch) and the primary language in Zurich is German. The buses and trolleys are full and almost everyone reads a free newspaper called "20 Minutes" that is available on the bus, or from newspaper people who give it out at the major transit stations. The average car is much smaller than in the states, and bicycle commuting seems popular.

On Friday we said goodbye to Rosmarie, and headed to Genoa, Italy, by way of Milan.

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