Report #10  Pinal County, AZ

PicketPostFrmApacheLeap-.jpg (11907 bytes)

Picketpost (left background) as seen from Apache Leap

On Friday, 19 December, I had my new catalytic propane heater installed. It has 10 feet of hose and can keep me toasty anywhere in the trailer.  I celebrated my last day in Quartzsite by taking myself out to a restaurant where I enjoyed a good meal while unavoidably listening to one of the waiters as he entertained the couple at the next table, in a loud voice, with a blow by blow description of his recent rectal surgery.

The next morning I left Quartzsite and drove to Apache Junction in Pinal County Arizona where I had an appointment to be outfitted with a cell phone and cellular modem.  I bought the plan and equipment from two RVing women I had met at the Escapees Spring Escapade this past April.  I visited them at their home park in Apache Junction and learned that men were allowed to visit the park but were not allowed to stay overnight.   I've heard of adult only parks but this was my first experience with a gender specific park. 

When I returned to my park after dark with my new cell phone, I found a group of the residents were going from site to site caroling.  I joined them and had a great time.

The next day I moved on to Superior, AZ where I visited the local museum, and met John and Donna, the president and treasurer of the local Chamber of Commerce.  Donna is a long time resident and a hiker.  She knows the local hiking trails well and led John and me on a climb of Apache Leap.  She showed me the Oak Flat campground in Tonto National Forest and I moved there the next day.

ApacheLeapSunrise-.jpg (8229 bytes)

The sun rises behind an interesting formation at Apache Leap.

I was parked at Oak Flat, relaxing in my recliner, warmed by my new heater, reading a book when there was a knock at my door and I found myself being caroled.   I was invited to join my neighbors at their campsite and spent Christmas Eve with Mike & Sally, chatting around their campfire.

XmasLights-.jpg (15357 bytes)

The winning entry in the Christmas decoration contest in Superior, AZ.

Oak Flat was at 4,000 feet elevation and it got cold at night.  I had the first (and so far, only) freeze-up of my water system one night when the temperature was in the mid 20's.  It thawed in a few hours once the temperature rose in the morning with no permanent harm,  but I learned another thing to be careful of.

I spent three nights just south of Florence, AZ where I celebrated New Year's Eve, then moved to RoVers Roost, an Escapees RV park, in Casa Grande. Here I met 2 single guys traveling in New Horizons 5th wheel trailers.  The 3 of us enjoyed a mini-tour of my 1994 30ft Serial #148 without slideouts, Marty's 1997 30ft #407 with living room and bedroom slideouts, and Lloyd's 2004 24ft #845 without slideouts.

LloydsNH-.jpg (10350 bytes)

Lloyd's 24 foot New Horizons trailer.

Lloyd and I spent the next day together visiting Casa Grande National Monument, and discussing our rigs and our travels.  Lloyd is on a quest for the perfect cinnamon roll (

CasaGrande-.jpg (11121 bytes)

Casa Grande National Monument.

My next stop will be Eloy, AZ, then the Tucson area, then on to New Mexico!

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