Report #15 - Rainbow's End

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Texas Truck and Trailer

I sent my last report from Mt. View CA where I had gone for a visit and a Drs Appointment. While there I sorted through my stuff, putting some of it into storage, and deciding I really needed a lot of it with me in the trailer. So I loaded my little car (a Toyota MR2) with loads of stuff I couldn't do without, and drove it to Texas.

Arriving at Rainbow's End - The Escapees headquarters park - I got my rig out of storage and started into a 2 week plus maintenance and miscellaneous task period. The truck and trailer now have new tires (a total of 10 new ones, plus 2 old spares). The truck has new front brakes and a new starter (The starter turned out not to be needed; my starting problem was finally traced to a loose ground connection), and the trailer now has a replacement for the broken wheel lug, and has been washed and waxed.

I also completed my income tax returns, and moved to eliminate the need to pay CA state tax in the future by becoming a real Texan. The truck and trailer are now registered in Texas, I have a Texas driver license, I'm registered to vote in Polk county, Texas, and I even have a Livingston, TX library card!. I have long had a Texas address:

     Allen Downs

    120 Rainbow Drive #2045

    Livingston, TX 77399-1020

I sorted, rearranged, and squeezed all my stuff until it fitted reasonably well into the trailer, and verified that the trailer is still well under it's weight limit. Having no way to take it with me, I sold my MR2.

I've enjoyed my stay at Rainbow's End with its daily 4PM social hours, periodic group meals, and friendly people. But I first arrived here more than a month ago, and it is about time to hit the road again. I'll head first to Louisiana to climb Driskill Mountain - at 535 feet above sea level, it is the high point of the state - then on toward Florida to spend 2 weeks in Fort Meyers as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. Of course I'll stop first to scale the high point of Florida, majestic Britton Hill at 345 feet.


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