Dave & Bev Visit Ventura

Chapter 2

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BevMonkeys-.jpg (9892 bytes) Bev shows her family tree at the Santa Barbara Zoo
Turtles-.jpg (11001 bytes) A tortoise with a problem: He got flipped in an altercation with another tortoise.
DABStBarbara-.jpg (11763 bytes) Here we (Dave, Allen & Bev) are on the Santa Barbara pier with the city behind us.
QueenMary-.jpg (12621 bytes) Dave & Bev check out the Queen Mary.
AGhost-.jpg (12016 bytes) One of the Ghosts of the Queen Mary.
EngineRoom-.jpg (15237 bytes) Allen checks out the engine room gages.
DaveOnDeck-.jpg (11841 bytes) Dave on Deck on the Queen Mary.
GlumpOnShip-.jpg (13265 bytes) Harvey sitting on a Queen Mary capstan.
Submarine-.jpg (13991 bytes) The torpedo room of a Russian Foxtrot Class Submarine.  The sub - named Scorpion - is on display alongside the Queen Mary.
HallOfFame-.jpg (12978 bytes) At the Magic Hall of Fame.
BDADadPicture-.jpg (11377 bytes) Bev, Dave, and Allen with Dad's picture.  Dad is a member of the Magic Hall of Fame.
GlumpBanner-.jpg (10493 bytes) Harvey Glump and Dave with the Magic Hall of Fame banner.
BevDaffy-.jpg (13899 bytes) Daffy Duck with Bev at Warner Brothers Studio.

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