Dave & Bev Visit Ventura

Chapter 3

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HarveyBadAss-.jpg (13498 bytes) Harvey Glump visits the Bad Ass Coffee Company.
HDFatherSerra-.jpg (13121 bytes) Dave and Harvey with Father Serra, the founder of the San BuenaVentura Mission, and several other missions.
BevOnBalcony-.jpg (12972 bytes) Bev on our balcony overlooking the Ventura coast.
55Candles-.jpg (9444 bytes) Bev's birthday cake, with 55 candles.
DaveSleeps-.jpg (12802 bytes) Dave waking up on his last full day in California.
AlCapone-.jpg (15133 bytes) Dave and Harvey with Al Capone's Yacht, Duchess III.
CruiseCat-.jpg (13443 bytes) The Catamaran on which we cruised Ventura Harbor.
RABCruise-.jpg (13602 bytes) Rita, Allen, and Bev during the dinner cruise.
FinalSunset-.jpg (7115 bytes) The final sunset of Dave & Bev's Ventura visit..

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