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This section consists of pictures of the vehicles that caught my attention as we traveled.  This page covers cars, check out the second page for other vehicles.

Small cars are very popular, and they make a lot of sense; Streets tend to be small, and gas is very expensive. Cars like these were seen everywhere.

SmallCar1-.jpg (11972 bytes)


SmallCar2-.jpg (12472 bytes)

Another cutie.

Electric cars are also seen frequently.  This one was in Florence.

ElectricCar-.jpg (11824 bytes)


An old Citroen at the zoo in Geneva.

Citroen-.jpg (9878 bytes)


This old car is a familiar make, but I don't remember what make it is.  Anybody recognize it?

OldCar-.jpg (11018 bytes)

Old, but what is it?

These cars are a dime a dozen in the US, but very unusual in Europe;   Europeans don't generally go for big cars.  It turned out, according to stickers on the rear window, that the car belongs to a New Yorker living in Zurich.

BigCar-.jpg (8612 bytes)

Big ole American car.

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