(sort of - we really didn't see very much of Katowice - see below)

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Edward and Dana Stosur - our Host and Hostess from Katowice.

Edward and Dana were waiting for us on the platform when we arrived at the Katowice train station in mid-afternoon on Monday, and soon we were in their apartment on the fifth floor of a 25 story star shaped apartment building, one of seven 'stars' in the complex.   We sat around the table eating an assortment of breads and cheeses, and talking about my last visit 10 years ago, about Italy, and about Polish history, among other subjects.  Rita and I do not speak any Polish, but Edward speaks English and translated back and forth to Polish for Dana and to English for Rita & I.  Before long Rita and Dana were carrying on their own conversations in the two languages, and seeming to understand each other fairly well.

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Edward makes his own wine. Here he is in the kitchen of his apartment with a batch in process, and with a glass of the final product.

Although titled 'Katowice', this page has little information about that city.  We stayed there, but did not explore the city much at all; it was a base for our travels with Dana & Edward who are recently semi-retired from their consulting business EKOS, and looking forward to enjoying their time off from work.

On Tuesday morning we visited Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration Camp (covered in the next installment), then spent some time at Dana & Edward's vacation cottage in Puszcza

Wednesday we left for Warsaw (Also covered in a separate installment). On the way back from Warsaw, we stopped in the village of Kazimierz.   And on Monday, after lunch in a Polish Indian restaurant, Edward drove us to Ania & Staszek's apartment in Tarnow where we said our goodbyes to Edward & Dana.

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