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Morisha and Roman Kolacz at their home in Wroclaw.

Morisha and Roman met us at the Wroclaw train station and drove us to their home in their LPG powered car.  When I visited ten years ago, their house was under construction and it was a real pleasure this time for me to see the final product. 

Their three sons, Paul, Peter, and Simon are now grown.  Paul and Peter are working, Simon is studying hard, preparing to enter medical school.

On Monday,  Roman drove us to Karpacz where we took a ski lift into the mountains.  On Tuesday we visited the sights of Wroclaw: the Raclawicka Panorama, the Wroclaw Cathedral, Leopoldina Hall of the University of Wroclaw, and the Rynek Square area.

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Morisha, Rita, Roman, and Allen enjoy dessert on Morisha & Roman's  porch.

In the evening, Roman & Morisha drove us to the bus station where we boarded a bus.  When I last saw Roman & Morisha, they were standing on a wall which surrounds the bus station, waving enthusiastically as our bus exited the parking area and began the overnight trip to Vienna.

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